About Me

Welcome to Hoppipolla Headwear! If you want to look like those cool dudes with beanies on riding their skateboards effortlessly, this is the place to go.

You will find a variety of headwear on our website. We specialize in headwear for skaters, dancers, bikers, or just about anyone who wants a safe and stylish hat.

But our passion doesn’t end there. We also have a deep passion for sports, specifically, skateboarding.

Why I Started Hoppipolla

My mom actually banned me from skateboarding after the incident when I fell and hit my head hard. There were lots of stitches and months of recovery.

Skateboarding to her is still a nightmare. For me, it’s still my Dreamboat. You know, the more they ban something, the more people want to do it, right?

Same thing for me. What makes me different from other brands out there is that I know how much it hurts when you don’t have protective gear on you.

That’s why I put a lot of emphasis on headwear, especially for skateboarding. I was happy I was able to persuade my parents and friends. I’m now back and much better!

Seeing Hoppipolla come to life is like seeing my dream come true. I’m very grateful.

Our Members

Willie J. Campbell, Headwear Pro

I help pick out the most protective helmets for skaters on this site. Also, I don’t want them to look like “Burger head” when wearing the hats. That’s why style is also a point in consideration. For casual rides downtown, I think you’ll be fine with beanies. For downhill racing, definitely put your helmet on!

Stephen E. Jefferies, Reviewer

Besides a good helmet, you also need a good board. However, beginners are often very confused when choosing their first ever board. I will help you with that. Whether your style is street skating, longboarding, or cruising, I’m sure there’s a board just for you!